Tapovan is a Homa Organic Farm, i.e. an organic farm with Agnihotra Homa as its base. Homa is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of energy manipulation using specially prepared fire. Agnihotra is the basic Homa which is performed daily at sunrise and sunset.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Tapovan Wild Honey Bees

  • Honey bees are dying on a mass scale in all parts of the world.
  • They cannot get enough nutrition to survive.
  • Bees are needed for eco-balance on the planet.
  • Even if we employ all known methods of improving soil and sustainable organic agriculture, the bees will still be dying.
  • This is a big threat to agricultural production.
  • In Tapovan 6 hectare Homa farm there are more than 25 natural hives of wild bees.
  • According to the ancient science of Vruksha Ayurveda, inborn in the honey bee are certain hormones that are produced solely in Homa atmosphere.
  • This subject is foreign to anything science has encountered so far in this respect.
  • These hormones help the nutritional levels in vegetables and fruits to yield at much increased rates.

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