Tapovan is a Homa Organic Farm, i.e. an organic farm with Agnihotra Homa as its base. Homa is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of energy manipulation using specially prepared fire. Agnihotra is the basic Homa which is performed daily at sunrise and sunset.

Monday, 11 December 2006

Growing Turmeric with Homa Organic Farming

Turmeric crop reached a height of 5 feet in places

  • We planted turmeric during monsoon season, 2006.
  • Turmeric is not usually grown in our area.
  • Turmeric is a food spice and also a medicine (nature's antibiotic)
  • We planted the small section of quarter acre (0.1 ha) between the Agni Shala and the Yajnya Shala.
  • We sprayed the crop several times during the season with Biosol solution.
  • Biosol is an important part of Homa Organic Farming. It is a very powerful natural fertilizer which contains Agnihotra ash.
  • After 8 months the crop was ready for harvesting.
  • Harvest from quarter acre yielded 1.52 tonnes which means 6.1 tonnes per acre
  • Average dryland harvest with agro-chemicals is about 4 tonnes per acre.
  • No artificial agro-chemicals are used on a Homa Farm.
Harvesting the turmeric

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