Tapovan is a Homa Organic Farm, i.e. an organic farm with Agnihotra Homa as its base. Homa is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of energy manipulation using specially prepared fire. Agnihotra is the basic Homa which is performed daily at sunrise and sunset.

Saturday, 11 February 2006

Tapovan - The Farm

The Tapovan farm is completely organic. No agro-chemicals of any kind are used. Instead we use the ash from Agnihotra and the other Homa fires as a means of enriching the soil and balancing the pH. Also we regularly spray the foliage of all crops and trees with Agnihotra ash/water solution for pest control and plant nutrition. This gives a boost to the organic compost fertilization program.
Many vegetables, herbs, trees and flowers are being germinated in our nursery using Homa Organic Farming techniques (seeds are treated with cow urine, cow dung and Agnihotra ash). All fruit, vegetables and herbs grown at Tapovan have an absolutely wonderful flavour. We believe this to be a result of the healing energy from the Homa fires.
Tapovan consists of 15 acres of land, much of which is under cultivation with various seasonal crops in addition to the orchards. At the moment we are growing the monsoon crops: cotton, millet, sesame, green and black gram, chilis. We also have a sprinkling of Ayurvedic healing herbs such as: lemon grass, citronella, shatavari, aloe vera, etc.
What we have observed over the past few years is that with continual practice of Homa healing fires the harmony of Nature is restored in the vicinity. Unlike the situation with chemical agriculture, the insect kingdom is not decimated but automatically comes into balance. A striking example of this is the result we observed with our cotton crop. Local farmers say that it is impossible to grow cotton successfully without the use of large quantities of chemical insecticides. However, at Tapovan the predator insects keep the destructive insects in check.

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